Behind the lens

“Alma – Soul, Heart and Spirit” The soul is not something that hands can touch, but when souls connect, these moments are held for a lifetime. Alma Creatives is here to capture those moments. We are creatives of authentic stories told by those who live them.

Stories are limitless.








So why not let Alma Creatives create and capture yours?

We are Sara and Aaron - a wildly passionate, free-spirited, adventurous and authentic husband and wife creative duo - and we are ready to tell your story the way it was meant to be told.

Alma Creatives sketches the adventures you are living, with photography and videography. You will find our creative approach as visual storytellers brings you back to the important chronicals and wonders of your life. Our goal is to create authentic and inspiring short films & stills that reflect the adventures, explorations, and love of your connection to our community of the human race.


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- Meet Sara

My story began in Florida, but my path has lead me abroad. Now my life is based out of Costa Rica with my soulmate and confidant. I always felt I was born out of my time. Finding the raw edge of boundaries and exploring how the soul meets the physical world brings out my passion. We are not all traditional, but we are all connected. Drawing from my experience in the humanitarian efforts, it is the raw emotion that brings the story to life.


- Meet Aaron

My family sprung from the farmlands of the south, but from my deep ancestral roots comes the explorer who is manifested in the person I am today. Always one to pay homage to one’s heritage, but forever reaching for the next frontier. I connect best with those wild at heart with a tinge of tradition (blame it on my Scottish roots). Utilizing drones to see things from a different perspective comes from my background as an electrical engineer. Technology is telling a new story.

We consider ourselves fortunate to do what we love, meet different people,Let's explore your story.

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